Dear Customers,

Sharq Investment Company is always keen to provide the best services and put them at the top of its priorities, in order to promote the values of loyalty and permanent communication with its valued customers. In this spirit and our commitment to implement the provisions of Law in the Establishment of the Capital Markets Authority No. 7/2010 and its Executive Bylaws and the decisions and instructions of the Capital Markets Authority, to take care of the interests of our customers, Sharq Investment Company has established a Customer Complaints Unit, and it’s been operating since April 2011.

The Complaints Unit is a specialized independent unit, the purpose of which is to receive and resolve customer complaints in relation to the management of portfolios and other services offered by the Company now and in the future.

The activities of the unit are to deal with customer complaints and seek to resolve them in the shortest possible period in cooperation with the various departments within the company to achieve the interests of customers

In case you wish to submit any complaint, please observe the procedures and steps of submitting and responding to them, fill out the complaint form and then submit it according to the following:

  1. Attend in person and hand over the form to the Customer Complaints Unit “or deposit it in the box dedicated to customer complaints at the company’s head office” at its in Al Mirqab area – Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street – KBT TOWER – Floor 37, during the official working hours from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.
  2. Fill out the complaint form below, and send it via email to the Customer Complaints Unit at:
  3. Send the form by official mail in the Customer Complaints Unit to the address: P.O. Box 1245 – Dasman 16451 – Kuwait.

General Notes:

  1. The complaint submitted by the customer is answered within (30) working days of receiving the complaint by the Customer Complaints Unit.
  2. The customer must complete all the data of the customer complaints form.
  3. If you do not use the complaint form prepared by Sharq Investment Company, it will not Considered or answered.

Sharq Investment Subsidiary Companies Customer Complaint Forms: