Mr. Adel Taher Al-Nakas

Chairman of Board of Directors

Chairman's Message

Shareholders of Sharq Investment Company


The establishment of Sharq Investment Company in previous years launched a new stage in its journey when it developed promising visions and strategies complementary to its goals and mission. The company has taken the decision to move forward with a vision for the future derived from a sound strategic plan to seize and develop investment opportunities by targeting the company’s reinvestment in geographical and regional locations that enable us to achieve stable and solid profits and financial results to enhance the confidence of our shareholders and achieve their interests.
One of the company’s priorities is to maintain transparency, governance and internal control, which will raise the level of the company’s performance in line with the requirements of the Capital Markets Authority and the regulatory authorities.
The company works to implement a safe and prudent strategy to manage direct investments and portfolios of clients, and to maintain the maintenance of investments in optimal sectoral and geographical distribution.
The company seeks to achieve balance in achieving the interests of its customers on the one hand and its shareholders on the other, as the company continues to achieve profits higher than the rates of previous years, and to establish a solid customer base where the volume of funds managed for the benefit of customers is approximately KD 300 million equivalent to one billion US dollars in portfolios invested in the Kuwaiti local market.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

The company's strategic plan

The company follow the strategic plan to suit the impact of recent events on the local and global economy and the company’s plans and performance.
The strategy based on the company’s strength as an investment firm – with a managed asset size exceeding KD 300 million and assets owned exceeding KD 30 million.
The pillars of the strategy summarized in the following points:

  1. Working to invest in sectors that have achieved different performance during the pandemic such as health, real estate and technology.
  2. Establish a strategic portfolio to invest regionally in stocks listed in specific sectors that expected to achieve outstanding returns for the company, while retaining a volume of liquidity that enables it to seize outstanding opportunities.
  3. Strengthen and diversify the customer base.
  4. Enhance the company’s activities in the field of real estate investments locally, regionally and globally.
  5. Continue to strengthen and enhance the competencies of the company.
  6. There is no doubt that there is importance for the company to continue to develop its business and mechanisms, which has been able to perform its business smoothly during 2021 and in light of the new Corona pandemic.


  1. Regarding global events and the company’s directions to achieve its objectives, the company expects to expand its investment in the local real estate sector in order to keep pace with the country’s orientation in the policy of openness after the easing of Corona restrictions.
  2. The company will continue its existing activity and the development of its business and work to increase its assets to strengthen its financial position to achieve the strategic plan and for future outlook.


In conclusion, I would like to thank and appreciate all the shareholders of Sharq Investment Company for their loyalty and continuous support to the company as well as to the company’s dear customers for their precious trust that they place on the board of directors of Sharq Investment Company and its executive management.

We would also like to thank the regulatory authorities represented by the Capital Markets Authority, the Central Bank of Kuwait and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for their constructive guidance and continuous follow-up in order to ensure the stability and safety of the financial sector in the State of Kuwait. Finally, on behalf of the members of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank the executive management and all employees of the company for their efforts to achieve Sharq Investment Company’s strategy and objectives.

Highest Respect & Appreciation.

Chairman of the Board of Directors