Investment & Asset Department

  • It makes direct investments for the company, client portfolios and wealth maximization
  • Carrying out all investment studies and consultations and studying the investment offers submitted
  • Preparing reports on the company's investments and clients

Operations and Settlement Department

  • Carrying out investment operations and settlements for clients' portfolios (buying and selling) in stocks and sending private clients' reports
  • Preparing reports for the supervisory authorities

Financial Department

You prepare financial reports in addition to the following: -
  • The work of the financial department focuses on maintaining accounting records and preparing periodic reports in addition to financial reports that clarify the company's position
  • Managing the company's liquidity and preparing reports on it to maintain it
  • Securing bank financing for all company transactions

Administration and Human Resources

  • Follow-up government relations (licenses - staff residences - traffic - customs)
  • Follow-up of personnel affairs (attendance and departure - sick-leaves- work trips - vacations - returns - absence)
  • Preparing monthly salaries and overtime hours
  • Follow up on workers insurance documents and all other documents

Department of Investors Affairs

  • Increase the knowledge and awareness of the company's investors
  • Communicate with all shareholders and answer their inquiries upon their request
  • Providing the necessary data and reports to investors

Client Relationship Department

  • Interviewing current and potential clients and completing account opening procedures
  • Follow-up to update the periodic data for customers

Risk Unit

  • Studying the company's risks, investment risks, market and geopolitical risks and submitting special reports to the Board of Directors
  • Protect the company from potential risks of various kinds and determine the tendency of acceptable risks

Audit Unit

  • Overseeing the company's financial operations, regulatory systems, internal audit controls, and regulatory compliance procedures
  • Managing financial reports with external and internal auditors.

Conformity and Compliance Unit

  • Review all company operations in accordance with regulations and laws, as well as reports and regulatory compliance.

Client Complaints Unit

  • Receiving client complaints, following up and responding to them within the prescribed period.